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            Gina Williams & Guy Ghouse

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            It's Here!



            We are thrilled to have our fourth album Koort (Heart)n now available online.


            Recorded at the 2021 Perth Festival, in the grounds of Government House, Gina and Guy are joined on stage by Russell Holmes, with special appearances on backing vocals from Gina’s daughters, Lauren and Bella.


            Told in both Noongar and English, this is a story of deep sadness and great joy, because we all know what it is to have Koort.


            You can have your own copy of the album by clicking here.

            Kaya friends


            Thanks to our friends at Magabala Books, we are thrilled to announce the release of our book, "Kalyakoorl, ngalak warangka" (Forever, we sing). You can order your copy here:




            Gina and Guy


            슬롯 머신 보너스 | 무료 온라인 룰렛 게임 | 무료 사용자 온라인 슬롯 신청